Terms Of Service
General Rules:
I. Users agree to use Northern Call and all of its assets and components solely for their personal non-commercial entertainment purposes.

II. Users agree not to, under any circumstances, use cheats, mods, glitches, exploits, automated services (bots), hacks in order to attain an unfair advantage over other players.

Naming Rules:
Do not use names incorporating vulgar, offensive, defamatory/hateful terms, or anything culturally, racially or otherwise objectionable
Do not use names chosen specifically with the intent to impersonate another person, including any and all Northern Call staff members
Do not use names relating to any form of criminal activity, sexual conduct, or illicit drugs.

Forum Rules:
I. Northern Call, without limitation, is not liable for anything posted on the forums because posts are not moderated prior to submission.

II. Spam is not permitted on the forums. Spam includes but is not limited to; posting the same text multiple times on the forums, advertising for any other product(s)/service(s)/website(s).

III. The Northern Call forum is an open forum, and subforums are not moderated individually. As a result, Northern Call requests that players exercise restraint when using coarse language.
IIII. Users cannot have excessively large signatures.
User Conduct:
I. Users are expected to behave maturely. Posts which are deemed inappropriate will be removed without warning and staff will take appropriate action.

II. The posting, linking, or any reference to any content that is pornographic in nature or excessively violent is strictly prohibited.

III. Discussion of prohibited topics is not permitted.

VII. No begging or attempts to solicit charity from other users will be tolerated. This includes links to sites like, but not limited to, GoFundMe.

I. All virtual currency, pets, items and accounts promised and/or sold on these forums are the sole property of Northern Call. If your account is terminated due to misconduct, you will not be refunded or have those items returned.

II. Do not modify Northern Call’s art, or use Northern Call art for personal or commercial purposes.

III. Theft of official Northern Call art will result in action taken against your account.

IIII. Northern Call allows users to dictate prompts for the creation of semi custom pets. The user acknowledges that Northern Call owns the full rights to any semi customs created and sold.

Payment Policy
I. All items, pets, customs, currency, and any other virtual goods sold through the forums belong to solely to Northern Call, not the user, and we reserve the right to revoke access to these assets at any time for any length and with or without reason.

II. All purchases and sales of Crystals (Premium currency), pets, customs, and items for USD are final. There will be no refunds.

III. Any user who disputes their payment(s) or otherwise attempts to force refund(s) through Paypal and/or their credit card will be banned.

Sales/Breeding/Trading Rules:
I. Sales or transfers of any Northern Call assets including but not limited to customs or KickStarter rewards are not permitted by staff prior to Alpha launch.

Off Site Trading:
I. Trading with other virtual pet sites is not permissible, any account found trading offsite for items, pets, premium currency or virtual currency will have action taken against said account.